Operational Partners

SOFF leverages partners’ competency to maximize efficiency and impact.

Implementing Entities

Major multilateral development partners that play an important role in supporting countries‘ hydromet development including Multilateral Development Banks and UN organizations.


All SOFF Implementing Entities are expected to be members of the Alliance for Hydromet Development. Additional multilateral development partners may be eligible to serve as Implementing Entities.


The Implementing Entity is responsible for preparing and managing the implementation of the Investment phase grant within the specified terms as approved in the funding request and in collaboration with relevant national or regional partners, private sector and civil society organizations.


To serve as SOFF Implementing Entity and receive funds from the SOFF UMPTF, the Implementing Entities must enter into a Legal Agreement with the UNMPTF.

Implementing Entities receive a maximum implementation fee of 7% of the total of the Investment Phase funding request to cover indirect costs.

SOFF Implementing Entities