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Copyrights of used photos without property of WMO:

  • Launch of radiosonde (weather balloon) in Nadi, Fiji. Copyright: Lars Peter Riishojgaard. Location on SOFF website: Home,

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Permission is required for:

  1. SOFF publications: SOFF welcomes the reproduction, translation and copying of all of its outreach materials in order to encourage maximum use and dissemination. Please contact for further information.
  2. SOFF logo, name and abbreviation: the use of the SOFF logo, its name or abbreviation are restricted. Permission to use is granted on a discretionary basis in limited cases. Please contact for further information.
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Please contact directly for all requests.

All copyright requests sent by mail should be addressed to:

Markus Repnik,
Systematic Observations Financing Facility (SOFF)

World Meteorological Organization
7bis Av. de la Paix
P.O. Box No. 2300
CH-1211 GENEVA 2

Third party use of the name, acronym or logo (hereinafter name) of the Systematic Observations Financing Facility is forbidden unless prior authorization is obtained from the Director of the SOFF Secretariat.

Third parties may obtain authorization to use the name only under the following conditions:

  • the activity is in the interest of SOFF;
  • the activity does not prejudice the impartiality of SOFF;
  • SOFF is participating in the said activity; and
  • SOFF retains control over the activity.

Permission for use shall be given only if SOFF is satisfied that the meeting or publication in question relates to a subject that is within the field of competence of SOFFor is likely to contribute to attaining the SOFF’s objectives. In principle, permission will not be granted for meetings that are being organized, or publications that are being produced, mainly as commercial undertakings for profit.

Permission to use the name of the Systematic Observations Financing Facility is only granted on a non-exclusive basis and can be withdrawn at any time by written notice.